Active Visage Exfoliating Pad

The Cotoneve Active Visage pad has a delicate exfoliating action that promotes the elimination of dead cells and impurities. Optimize your skin care routine with the Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating pad for healthier, brighter skin!

Beauty Rituals Visage

Active Exfoliating

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tested for nickel, chrome, cobalt
  • REACH compliance
  • Tested in vitro for the safety of eye contact

Exfoliating effect

Thanks to the ergonomic shape of easy grip, the Active Visage exfoliating pad helps to perform an effective action on all areas of the face.

Apply your favorite cleanser directly on moist skin or on the pad and massage in circular motions.


Cotoneve tip

You can use the Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating pad also to amplify the effect of the scrub, spreading it with circular movements on the skin.

Sulla pelle crea una piacevole carezza, grazie alla sua morbidezza e delicatezza.