Make-up cosmetic aplicator

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the innovative Soft Visage cosmetic aplicator is ideal for spreading, finishing and smooth out foundation, BB cream, cosmetic creams, blush and concealer. The rounded side helps distributing the product evenly, while the flat surface is ideal for the eye and nose contour.

Beauty Rituals Visage

Perfect Make-up

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tested for Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt
  • In vitro tested for the safety of eye contact
  • Tests carried out on each color variant H

Use it like this

Rinse with water until uniform absorption. Wring out the applicator until all excess water is removed, helping with a towel. Apply the products by tapping with the applicator on clean skin. We recommend replacing the cosmetic applicator every 3 months.

Cotoneve tip

The Soft Visage cosmetic applicator is ideal for applying foundation in all its forms: liquid, mousse or compact. Always clean the sponge before and after each use with neutral soap, and replace it every 3 months for maximum safety and hygiene.