Active dry microfiber turban

Practical and functional, the Cotoneve microfiber hair-drying turban gathers and dries your hair quickly thanks to the special microfiber and its high absorbency.

Smooth microfiber

  • Gather your hair in the Cotoneve microfiber hair-drying turban
  • Arrange the turban so that the button is at the back of your neck and the elastic is on your forehead
  •  Wrap the front part back, while rolling it
  • Fasten the button hole to the button and gently massage

Tip from Cotoneve

Thanks to the absorbency of the Cotoneve hair-drying turban, you will have less need for the hairdryer. Drying hair naturally helps keep your hair healthy, as it will not get burned and dull.

I used it for my hair masks every two weeks, instead of tricky saran wrap or foil. This stops my hair from dripping and I can continue doing things around the house. When the mask is done, I put the turban in the washing machine and that’s it!