Natural Visage face sponge

Cotoneve Natural Visage sponges in cellulose from plant origin are ideal for make-up removal, cleansing and daily care of face and neck.

The natural cellulose provides a light massage, offering additional benefits to your skin.

Beauty Rituals Visage

Effective face cleansing

  • Cellulose of plant origin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tested for Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt
  • In vitro tested for safe contact with eyes
  • REACH compliant

Use it like this

The Cotoneve Natural Visage face sponges are suitable for removing eye, face and neck make-up, and to gently remove face masks.
Rinse well before and after use.

Tip from Cotoneve

Always use the sponge wet, apply your favourite face cleanser directly to your skin or sponge and apply it with light circular movements to remove every trace of make-up and impurities and enjoy a clean and revitalised face.

I have been using them, especially after removing my make-up, for a deep but gentle cleansing action on skin. Also excellent for removing masks.