Natural scrub sisal glove

The body exfoliating glove made with Sisal, a plant fibre, provides a dual action: cleansing and effective massage. It helps keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Body Beauty Rituals

Exfoliating Body 

The Sisal fiber

Sisal is a plant fibre obtained from Agave Sisaliana and has numerous benefits for your skin’s health: its massage reactivates circulation, while exfoliating skin helping its natural regeneration.

Effetto esfoliante

The sisal Cotoneve body exfoliating glove helps keep your skin healthier, softer and radiant.

• Dermatologically tested
• Tested for nickel, chrome, cobalt

Il consiglio Cotoneve

To achieve skin in excellent condition, we recommend exfoliating at least once a week, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Since the sisal Cotoneve body glove is so easy to use, you can exfoliate and cleanse your skin easily and effectively under the shower.

A truly fabulous product for a healthy, bright skin. It brings many benefits as it exfoliates, re-energizes and regenerates the skin while also giving a feeling of well-being in the shower.
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