Natural relax cellulose glove

With its cotton and cellulose fibres, the soft natural cellulose Cotoneve Natural Relax body glove is suitable for a gentle and relaxing massage in the shower.

Body Beauty Rituals

Natural relax

Gentle massaging effect

Thanks to the softness of the cellulose, on one side, and the gentle effect of the cotton on the other, the Cotoneve Natural Relax body glove is ideal for light stimulation of the skin.

A tip from Cotoneve

Use the Natural Relax body glove well-soaked to distribute your favourite essential oil over your body. The softness of the glove combined with the effect of the water makes the operation easier and absorption faster.

 I tried it for applying scrub on my legs, as well as for normal washing with shower gel, applying a small amount directly on the water-soaked sponge. It immediately creates a lather and by rubbing it over your skin it relaxes and cuddles you with the pleasant stroke of the glove.