Removing every trace of make-up from ypur face in the evening is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. For an impeccable result, you have to get the right, specific products for your skin.

  1. Proper make-up removal

How to choose the right makeup remover for your skin type:

– DRY SKIN: dry skin particularly needs hydration and nourishment. Make-up oil or cleansing milk are ideal for removing make-up from this type of skin.

– NORMAL / MIXED SKIN: the peculiarity of this type of skin is that it is fat in the T area and normal or dry in the rest of the face. It is necessary to preserve its balance, so we recommend using make-up remover oil or micellar water.

– OILY SKIN: this type of skin needs to be purified and to eliminate excess sebum. Detergents in the form of gel or mousse are ideal.

– MATURE SKIN: mature skin needs special care, and among the most important needs is to protect, nourish and soothe. The cleansing milk removes make-up and nourishes mature skin with due delicacy and effectiveness.

Which type of cotton pad is more suitable for the daily use?

– EYES AREA: the eyes area is particularly thin and delicate, so it needs a softer treatment, with a very soft, smooth and tich-free cotton pad. In our range we recommend the Goji Berries and Vitamin C classic format.

– FACE ZONE: for the face area nothing better than a maxi disk for maximum comfort and ease of use. There is a great variety in the Cotoneve range including oval, round and square. Choose the one that’s most convenient for you!

BONUS COTONEVE TIP: To remove eye makeup, do not rub the cotton pad horizontally, or you may risk breaking your lashes! For an effective and delicate removal, let the product act for a few seconds while holding the disk, then gently remove it with a movement from top to bottom.

  1. Propper face cleansing

The application of a make-up removal product may not be sufficient for complete cleansing of the face. Also in this case it is advisable to choose a detergent suitable for your skin type and use it in combination with the effectiveness of the Cotoneve face sponges.


  • DRY, MATURE OR SENSITIVE SKIN: use your favorite cleanser or make-up remover directly on the Cotoneve CARESSE VISAGE sponge. By rinsing, it becomes incomparably soft, leaving your face clean with a gentle touch on the skin.


  • OILY OR MIXED SKIN: if you prefer a gentle massage on your skin, the NATURAL VISAGE sponge is ideal for you! The soft cellulose, in contact with water and detergent, exerts a stimulating but gentle massage that acts deeply, removing all traces of makeup and impurities.


To deaply cleanse the skin, Cotoneve offers the ACTIVE VISAGE exfoliating disc. The silicone bristles stimulate the epidermis by removing the last traces of makeup and eliminating dead cells, for a smooth and luminous skin.

BONUS COTONEVE TIP: to remove the most stubborn make-up delicately, use the CARESSE VISAGE sponge soaked in water and coconut oil. Make-up, cleansing and nourishment in a single gesture.

  1. Propper tonic application

Tonic is a very useful product for skin health. Its astringent properties close the pores for a luminous and healthy skin. Ideal especially for oily skin. Choose delicate formulas, instead, for dry skin.

BONUS TIP: the correct application of the tonic requires to tap the cotton pad on the entire skin of the face, avoiding, instead, rubbing. Avoid the eyes area and always favor soft and smooth cotton pads.

  1. Propper moisturizing

At the end of the whole cleasning procedure, the skin is ready to receive all the nourishing, soothing and moisturizing substances. Depending on your habits, you can choose between a generic face cream, a DIY face mask (here we have for all your needs) or the great Korean sheet mask, a true hydration bomb.

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