Gentle Skincare Routine: pamper yourself and your skin with these simple beauty gestures

After November 13th celebration of the World Kindness Day we thought it would be nice to focus on skincare from a more gentle angle.  We really believe the first step to be beautiful is to be kind to ourselves!

  1. Remove your make-up with a Caresse

Cotoneve has been synonymous with make-up remover pads for years, but it also offers valuable alternatives such as Cotoneve Caresse Visage, the softest face sponge ever made.

We recommend massaging the micellar water on your skin with delicate circular movements, and leaving the product act until make-up is completely dissolved.

Use Cotoneve Caresse Visage face sponge well rinsed to remove all the product from your face with gentle movements, from inside to outside.

Then with your Caresse Visage sponge just a little wet remove the product from the face with outward movements, and from the eyes with gentle downward movements, without rubbing.

  1. Gentle scrub with Cotoneve Active Visage

The first step for a smooth (and eternally young) skin is exfoliation. The removal of dead cells favours their natural turnover, and skin’s hydration. You should do it not more than once, maximum twice a week, depending on your skin type. Alternatively, you can use Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating pad every night, to remove any make-up, sweat and dirt residues, using your favourite facial cleanser.

cotoneve skincare delictae face exfoliation

  1. Apply a softening toner

Only one in 10 women regularly use face toner, a step to be reckoned with in any skincare routine. Toner helps rebalance the natural skin pH, which is essential for maintaining the health and resilience of the dermis towards external factors.

Apply a face toner every night and every morning, tapping with a delicate cotton pad such as Cotoneve Bio line with Aloe Vera and B5 Vitamin.

  1. The sweetest mask

Nourishing and moisturizing for dry skin in summer, or, regenerating and healing for the winter, the yogurt and honey mask is easy to diy plus the ingredients are those in your pantry.

The Yogurt and Honey face mask will help you look radiant. Yogurt softens the skin by moisturizing it, while honey is a natural and powerful antioxidant and humectant, which softens and nourishes damaged skin, helping to regenerate it.

Check out the recipe here.

  1. A soothing cream to seal the deal

You may think that after serum and face mask treatment you are good. The greatest activity of replacement and cellular regeneration occurs during sleep, so it’s essential that you use a good night cream to promote this process if you wish a healthy skin.

Did you know there’s a proper time for all your beauty rituals? Check it here:

Sometimes removing make-up and washing our face at night may seem like a nuisance, when sleep and fatigue force invite us to run into our bed. These simple gestures, however, can turn into a moment of relaxation if we live them as an act of care towards ourselves. Be gentle to you and your skin. <3