AFTER SUN BEAUTY: how to keep your skin on top during and after a beach vacation

A proper after sun skincare is the key to maintain a healthy and fantastic skin now and forever! Sun is really not so skin friendly. An incorrect exposure, especially in the worst hours of the day increases the risk of skin deterioration, speeding up the signs of time on your complexion.

Keep that glowing golden skin forever!

  • Enjoy a cold shower (okay, do it lukewarm)

Romans knew the benefits of cold shower, so much that they included it in their wellness rituals at the spa. In addition to improving blood circulation, fat burning and giving that revitalizing sensation, a jet of cold water also contributes to the invigorate skin, by closing its pores and improving its elasticity.

Hot water dries the skin, which is not ideal after sunbathing. Shower also removes salt, sand or chlorine from the skin. As for the sponge, hang the one with the massage for a while and pamper yourself with the Cotoneve Caresse Relax: the softest sponge ever!

  • Hydrate

Our body needs hydration inside and out. For the inside you know what to do, for outside, apply a nourishing oil directly on wet skin as soon as you exit the shower. The oil will be distributed and absorbed at best, leaving your skin silky and soft.

  • No-redness patches

It takes some time to notice it, but some body parts suffer particularly after a day under the sun. The best remedy is simple and natural and we all know it: Aloe Vera gel or cream. For further relief we can apply maxi pads patches on nose, forehead or cheeks to limit the risk of “peeled skin”.

You can make a lotion with aloe vera gel and chamomile infusion in a containerthe immerse some maxi Cotoneve cotton pads, for example the Bio line with Aloe Vera. Keep them in the freezer or fridge for a ready-to-use and super refreshing solution.


Finally, after so much effort, you have obtained the more or less desired tan. You have followed all the skincare steps we recommended in the early summer (if you missed the article, click here), you protected your skin with the right sunscreen, and now you would like to keep those results so hardly achieved.

Don’t worry, to keep a tan for a long time it is enough to adopt simple but healthy habits.

  • The secret is in the water

Hydration starts from the inside, and it’s essential for having healthy and radiant skin. Drink a lot and keep a moisturizer on hand. Also keep in mind that air conditioning and heating will dry out your skin.

Avoid long and hot baths, shower with cold water, which is good for the skin and also for the hair.

  • Fill up on vitamins!

Some foods help to achieve and maintain tan: seasonal fruits such as melon and peaches, lettuce, radicchio, tomatoes, pumpkin and peppers, ensure a fair supply of vitamins and nutrients, excellent for health and well-being.

  • To each their own THE BEST TAN

What an effort to obtain and keep face tan.. The right skincare is always the best solution! Remove make-up and cleanse every evening, apply a soothing tonic and a moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning, and a nourishing serum in the evening. Doubts about the skincare that suits you? Click here to discover the right beauty routine by Cotoneve.

Daily face cleansing for all skin types: how, when and above all why do it

As for the body, exfoliation is essential before, during, and even after sunbathing. Scrub removes dead cells leaving your skin smooth and elastic. Don’t worry, it doesn’t spoil the tan, it only removes the superficial layer of dead cells.

  • A delicate massage

Nothing benefits your skin like a gentle massage with a nourishing oil: it has to be applied on wet skin, and massaged until it’s slowly absorbed. Ever tried the Cotoneve Natural Relax body glove? Use it in the shower to apply your favorite body oil. Its cellulose gently caresses your skin, while the cotton side gently stimulates and revitalizes it.