Is there anything more essential than water? We know that its transparency wards the secret of life, that every drop contains substances essential for wellness, health and beauty. This principle of precious simplicity has inspired COTONEVE to create the new range of AQUA LIFE make-up remover cotton pads, the first ones in pure cotton enriched with the benefits of thermal water.


AQUA LIFE is the result of an exclusive collaboration with Bormio Terme, a source of thermal water recongnized for its organoleptic characteristics so fundamental for the wellbeing and health of the person.


AQUA LIFE is not only characterized by the use of thermal water, but also by the innovative hydro-sprinkling technology: the sophisticated interlacing of the cotton fibers ensures greater softness and compactness to the make-up remover pad.


A precious ally to remove make-up and cleanse your face with excellent performance, thanks to an optimal thickness of the cotton and the delicacy of the thermal water and its components. Finally, a product guaranteed by multiple safety certifications (Reach Compliant, Dermatologically tested, Nickel tested, Total Chloro Free, Biodegradable), in line with EU directives.


Strictly Made in Italy, COTONEVE AQUA LIFE includes a complete line of make-up remover cotton pads: sealed and non sealed edge, smooth and embossed texture, standard and maxi sized, suitable for every need and every type of skin.


Curious to know how the make-up remover cotton pads are created?


Did you know? There are two fundamental elements necessary for an excellent make-up remover cotton pad: pure cotton and pristine water to interlace the fibers. The quality, features and methods of use of water and cotton affect the final result in terms of softness and smoothness.


Moreover, the new hydro-sprinkling process used for AQUA LIFE includes the doubling of water jets in the process of interlacing the cotton fibers and the use of thermal water of Bormio Terme in the working phases. Result: a softer, thicker and more compact cotton pad.