Have you ever thought that the secret of your beauty is hidden in the pantry? That’s why you should know how to enhance those everyday products that are ideal for the skin!


Olive oil is perfect for dry and mature skin thanks to its emollient and soothing power. It nourishes and moisturizes, so it is excellent for beauty treatments of all kinds! Other magnificent oils for the skin are the coconut and the almond oil.

Biphasic make-up remover: in a clean container mix 1/3 of oil with 2/3 of chamomile infusion. Shake vigorously until the mixture becomes homogeneous, then apply it on a cotton pad. Make-up and nourishment in one gesture!

This natural make-up remover can be applied on eyes and face, and is also very effective for waterproof makeup!

Nourishing body scrub: excellent as a base for scrubs, to be applied on wet skin immediately after the shower. You can add coffee, coarse salt or brown sugar, other ingredients ready in the pantry, or you can use the Sisal Cotoneve Natural Scrub glove in the shower.

Once the scrub is rinsed, let the oil work on the skin, spreading it all over the body until it is absorbed. Click here to discover the secrets of a perfect scrub.


Chamomile has beneficial properties for the most sensitive and oily skin. It has astringent and emollient properties, so it is excellent for a delicate skin treatment. As an alternative to chamomile, use green tea. Discover its magnificent properties and uses here.

Natural tonic: scented and astringent, no need to add anything else! Make a normal camomile tea infusion and store it in the fridge. Apply on a cotton pad and tampon the skin for a tonic and refreshing effect.

Decongestant eyes: Quick remedy for swollen eyes and other blemishes, and method strongly recommended by grandma, the eye patch with chamomile does wonders! Put two cotton disks in the infusion and let them cool in the freezer until it freezes. Apply on the eyes and leave for 10/15 minutes. The decongestant effect of the cold and soothing chamomile will give back light to your look! Granny guaranteed!


We have spoken extensively about the magnificent properties of honey and yogurt, where we offer a nourishing face mask. Honey can also be used individually as a specific mask for impure or mature skin.

With sugar, salt and coffee we give taste to our days, but they can also benefit the skin. Coffee in particular is excellent for facial scrub, as its grains are thinner, while sugar and coarse salt are suitable for body scrub thanks to the draining effect.