Cotoneve launches Beauty Rituals Visage, a complete skincare line: from deeper cleansing to the application and correction of make-up.

Always an ally of women for the removal of makeup with the cotton pads, Cotoneve widens and innovates continuously its range of products to offer solutions to every need.

A delicate massage

The first step to preserve skin health is a proper cleansing, which must be done in the morning and in the evening. Thanks to the natural cellulose and the easy-to-grip shape, the Cotoneve Natural Visage sponges are ideal for the deep removal of makeup residues and face masks, leaving you with a clean, free breathing skin.

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A pamper for the skin

Let yourself be pampered by Caresse Visage sponge in soft PVA, an innovative material that when wet becomes soft and smooth just like a caress, making it perfect for the most sensitive and delicate skin.

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Pleasing exfoliation

New in the Cotoneve range, the Active Visage pad exerts a gentle exfoliating action that favors the elimination of dead cells and impurities. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the Active Visage exfoliating pad helps to perform an effective action on all areas of the face, for a smooth, deeply cleaned skin.

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Super precise make-up

Must have accessories in the beauty cases of every make-up lover, the Cotoneve precision cosmetic applicators are ideal for applying, blending or correcting makeup for flawless results and perfect manicure.

Heads in 100% pure cotton with specific shapes to obtain precision in the application and correction of eye-liner,  pencil, lipstick and enamel in three new practical packs.

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Perfect blend

Another new entry in the Beauty Rituals range is the Soft Visage cosmetic applicator. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the innovative applicator is ideal for spreading, finishing and blending foundation, BB cream, cosmetic creams, blush and concealer. The rounded sides help to distribute the product evenly, while the flat surface is ideal for the eye and nose contour.

All the products of the “Beauty Rituals Visage” range are Dermatologically tested, tested for Chromium, Nickel and Cobalt, as well as for the safety of contact with the eyes and the oral mucosa.

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