Here are our tips for your summer skincare to achieve the best tan ever!

The sun has a huge influence on the health and appearance of our skin. Not surprisingly, Korean women stay away from it and protect themselves with day creams with UV filters for the hole year. We talked about their beauty routine here.

We all love the sun and want a golden skin, but before rushing to spend hours in order to get the tan of our dreams in a short time, it is necessary to take some precautions to protect skin from the damages of the sun’s rays.


Winter puts a strain on the sensitivity of the skin, which is why in spring it is necessary to prepare it for the challenge of the summer. The best treatment is detox, click here to find out how to regenerate skin before sun exposure!

Before going under the sun, renew your skin with a scrub! Smooth skin, free from dead cells, gives you a boost of confidence, and also allows you to get a better uniformed tan! Ideal for the legs is sea salt scrub, with honey and olive oil, or, softer variant, coconut oil and coffee, to be applied on wet skin with large circular movements.

For a on-the-go scrub in the shower you can use the body sponge in Sisal Natural Scrub by Cotoneve. Just moisten it, apply your favorite bath or shower foam oil and make a vigorous circular massage on your legs, and be gentle on your arms and body.

Face also needs lots of care! Integrate your daily cleansing routine with a gentle scrub followed by a nourishing beauty mask. Here is the recipe Cotoneve for a proper facial scrub!


The moment has arrived, the new costume gives you the confidence to expose, you look around and… “why do I have the impression of always being the whitest one around?” The temptation to look for how to get a quick tan on Google is strong, but try to resist!

Here are the necessary precautions for a perfect tan:

Use a tanning cream with high protection for the first tints, use tanning oil only after at least 4/5 exposures to the sun.

Replace your daily moisturizer with one that contains some UV protection. Same goes for foundation: choose it with a protection and your skin will benefit!

After each day spent under the sun, remember to nourish and moisturize your skin constantly! Prefer products with natural ingredients and body sponges with a delicate touch in the shower. The “Beauty Rituals” Cotoneve range offers many alternatives! We recommend the soft line Relax, discover it here!


To keep your earned tan in time, just always take good care of your body for the entire year!

Applying after sun lotion helps, but you must also adopt good habits in the shower, not only to maintain a beautiful tan for a long time, but also to preserve the health of the skin throughout the year. Find out how to do it here!

Other useful tips are: drinking lots of water, and avoiding air conditioning and anything that usually dries your skin or attacks it.

Good tanning girls!