For the Body Beauty Rituals line, Cotoneve enriches its range of massaging gloves with the new Natural Scrub vegetable fiber glove.

Designed to perform a body massage that stimulates circulation while exfoliating and smoothing the skin. It also eliminates dead skin cells comfortably under the shower or during a hot bath.

What the Natural Scrub glove does for you

Practical, thanks to its ergonomic shape, natural, made of fibers of vegetable origin deriving from Agave Sisaliana plant, the Natural Scrub body glove plays a pleasant refreshing action on the skin, by stimulating and smoothing it, improving its appearance and brightness

Thanks to the massaging texture, the Cotoneve Sisal body glove Natural Scrub is essential in your Beauty Routine in order to maintain a healthy, smooth and renewed skin. Depending on the skin’s sensitivity, it should be performed once a week.

The Cotoneve Sisal Natural Scrub body glove allows a comfortable and effective exfoliating massage right under the shower or during a relaxing bath at your home.

How to Use the Body Scrub Natural Glove at Best

Dampen it well before each use. Apply your shower or bath foam on your glove or directly to the skin and massage with circular movements.

The Cotoneve Sisal Natural Scrub Body Glove is also ideal for a nutrient gommage. Apply your favorite oil directly on wet skin and massage it with circular movements. Allow the oil to absorb and carefully wash the Natural Scrub body glove at the end of each use, taking care to keep it in a cool, dry place.

Completing the Body Beauty Rituals line we have the Nylon Active Scrub Glove and the Cellulose and Cotton Natural Relax Glove.