Make up remover cotton pads with active ingredients

The Cotoneve make-up removal cotton pads with active ingredients are the result of the innovative Cotton Enrichment System technology, a system that has been patented and tested in university laboratories. The active ingredients on the coloured side of the cotton pad are gently released on skin when moistened with cleansing detergent or water.

100% pure cotton

Made in Italy

Try them in two versions: with Rose Hip extract and Blue-green Algae

Our cotton

Cotoneve selects and exclusively uses top quality absorbent cotton treated with hydrogen peroxide, in full respect of the environment and consumer health.
All cotton products are processed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. Our Quality Department performs strict laboratory controls to guarantee full conformity of the raw materials and of the finished product.

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  • Strong and extra-effective: special embossed and stitched massaging texture
  • Patented product
  • Gentle on skin
  • Do not shred
  • Do not leave lint
  •  Dermatologically tested
  •  Microbiologically controlled
  •  Cotton bleached with oxygen in respect of health and the environment