Cotoneve, for over 40 years by your side

For over 40 years, Cotoneve has been by the side of women in their daily beauty routine, a pioneer in body and personal care field.




Cotoneve helps you to take care of your beauty and wellness. A line of beauty accessories that can turn simple gestures of daily hygiene into special moments to dedicate to yourself.

Cotoneve is up to date and offers a range of beauty accessories to suit all women, of today and tomorrow, of all ages and nationalities.

An innovative range proposal that pays great attention to the quality and naturalness of the products, starting from the selection of raw materials to continue throughout the production process.

Numerous tests are carried out, both in performance and skin tolerance as well as certifications of the production processes quality. Cotoneve wants to ensure the highest quality in order to offer you superior performance while using its products.

COTONEVE is a SISMA S.P.A. brand

Sisma group was born in Mantova in 1965 by the Lotti family. Since 1998 it has been certified ISO 9002 (subsequently ISO 9001: 2008), guaranteeing constant and strict compliance with the rules regulating the company’s production system, run at Mantua’s headquarters by a complex administrative, logistic, commercial and marketing organization.