A must have accessory in the beauty case of all make-up  passionate, the Cotoneve cosmetic applicators are ideal to apply, blend or correct make-up for a selfies proof result.

Cotoneve cosmetic applicator with pointed and flat tip

A cotton stick that fits many solutions! The pointed tip is ideal for defining and correcting eyeliner, pencil or mascara. The flattened part, instead, is suitable for shading eyeshadow and eye pencil, allowing you to get a precise make-up without smudging.

Thanks to the pure cotton tips, the pointed and flat tip cosmetic applicator is suitable for both dry and soaked use with cleanser, as needed. In addition, the pointed head, if soaked with acetone, allows to correct and define the nail polish.

Cotoneve eye lash cosmetic applicator

Another ideal accessory for a flawless make-up is the Cotoneve cosmetic applicator with finished tip, specifically designed for eyelashes and deburring correction.

100% pure cotton tips, practically push-to-open jars to always carry with you. Cosmetic finished tip applicators are particularly suitable for separating eye lashes after applying mascara, or correcting any smudges, and can be used damp or dry.

Cotoneve cosmetic applicators are a guarantee of safety and quality as they are dermatologically tested and microbiologically controlled. In addition, controls were carried for the presence of nickel, chlorine and cobalt.

Cotoneve cosmetic applicators are Made in Italy in 100% pure cotton bleached with oxygen in the respect of the environment and consumer health.