Face cleansing is THE NEVER-TO-BE-SKIPPED HABIT, to be done every morning and every evening. Here are all the secrets for a correct facial cleansing for dry or mature, combination or oily skin.

For an effective face cleansing the sacred order must be respected step by step: make-up removal, skin cleansing, tonic application and intensive hydration. Also, to nourish and protect the skin it is essential to use the correct beauty ingredients. Here they are:

Face cleansing for MATURE or DRY SKIN

Dry or mature skin is particularly in need of hydration and nourishment. To remove make-up from these types of skin, cleansier oils are ideal.

Use a maxi cotton pad with no edges and a delicate embossing, with a soft texture smooth on the skin. Cotoneve recommends the Aqua Life oval cotton pads with wave embossing. As an alternative to make-up remover pads, you can use a well rinsed soft cellulose sponge, which helps to dissolve make-up, making every gesture very effective.

Dry or mature skin make-up removal: Wet the skin with warm water and distribute the oil while massaging the face. Use the Cotoneve Aqua Life cotton pads to remove all make-up residues. We recommend to let the make-up remover act for a few seconds on the eye area, then rub delicately the cotton pad with a gentle movement from top to bottom.

Let’s move on to cleansing, a step that should be performed every morning and evening. To cleanse dry skin it is necessary to use delicate products that nourish the skin, therefore a cleansing milk is the best choice.

Did you know that cleansing milk is not a make-up remover?

Now you know, just use it to remove make-up residues and let the make-up remover do the rest!

Next, a facial tonic, for dry skin, but avoid strong ones that contain alcohol or other strong substances. Opt for a DIY tonic based on chamomile, green tea or cucumber.

Here are some Cotoneve DIY recipes for a natural face tonic: http://www.cotoneve.it/en/season-fruit-makes-you-beautiful/, http://www.cotoneve.it/en/detox-inside-and-out-with-green-tea/ to be distributed STRICTLY by tapping on the skin with a pure cotton pad without rubbing.

Complete with a specific serum and a nourishing night or day cream to complete the treatment.

COMBINATION skin face cleansing

Combination skin has some dry areas mixed with moist ones in the so called T zone, like nose and forehead. This type of skin requires specific treatment to preserve its balance, so we recommend removing make-up with oil or micellar water.

Combination skin make-up removal: distribute the cleansing oil or micellar water with your hands or with a maxi Cotoneve Acqua Life cotton pad by gently massaging. Rinse your face with plenty of cold or lukewarm water.

Nothing better than a cleansing mousse to cleanse combination skin. Spread it on moist face, insisting on the T area. Distribute the facial tonic with a pure Cotoneve Aqua Life cotton pad by tapping the T area, for the cheeks a nice rinse with fresh water is enough.

Complete with a specific serum and a nourishing night or day cream to complete the treatment.

OILY skin face cleansing

Oily skin needs to be purified and to eliminate excess sebum, which is why cleansing is the key factor to keep it healthy and balanced.

Did you know that oily skin tends to delay the appearance of wrinkles? The hydrolipidic film responsible for the hated shiny effect is a valid ally to maintain skin hydration. That is why in the daily routine of cleansing oily skin you must actually protect yourself using delicate products.

Oily skin make-up removal: the fact that oily skin needs strong products is a myth, dermatologists say. So they recommend micellar water or make-up remover oil, excellent for maintaining skin balance. Distribute the product evenly over the entire face and gently massage. Remove any residues with the delicate Cotoneve Caresse Visage face sponge for a soft but effective caress on the skin.

Better avoid foaming agents for the cleansing, a delicate facial cleanser used in combo with the exfoliating pad Cotoneve Active Visage is the best.

For moisturizing, instead, prefer creams with light and natural textures.

Daily cleansing is certainly effective for keeping the skin healthy and radiant, to be integrated, however, with a weekly deep facial treatment.

For deep, complete facial cleansing click here: http://www.cotoneve.it/en/korean-10-step-skincare-routine-for-perfect-skin/, for a softer version follow us, we’ll talk about it on one of the next Cotoneve Beauty Tip.

Anything missing? Of course not, click here for face cleansing for men: