There’s a whole world of sponges out there to discover, but whitch is the right one for you? Discover it by taking this simple test!


1. How would you describe yourself?


a) Dreamy and Romantic

b) Energic and always on the run

c) Active and technologic


2. Your type of skin is:


b) Normal

a) Sensitive

c) Tendency to dry out


3. How much time do you spend for your skincare?


c) Just enough time

a) I constantly try to take care of my skin and body

b) I would love to spend more time in skincare, but I don’t have any


4. The sensation you’re seeking for in you bodycare routine is:


b) Freshness, a moment to feel really clean

c) Energy and well-being, a way to recharge myself

a) Relax, a moment for myself


5. Your ideal hygiene routine is:


a) A long bubble bath with scented candles

c) A quick, regenerating shower

b) A refreshing shower


6. The sensation you want on you skin is:


c) stimulation and vitality

b) energic exfoliation

a) a smooth caress


Now sum up your answers and discover your ideal Cotoneve body sponge!




Majority of A: Cotoneve Caresse Relax

Let yourself pamper with foam and the softness of the Pva Caresse Relax sponge, a real caress for your skin! Discover the Cotoneve Caresse Relax here!





MAGGIORANZA DI B: Cotoneve Natural Gommage

Rivitalizza la tua pelle con la spugna in morbida cellulosa di origine naturale e tessuto massaggiante e stimolante Cotoneve Natural Gommage. Scopri la Cotoneve Natural Gommage qui!




MAGGIORANZA DI C: Cotoneve Active Vitality

Porta con te la spugna Active Vitality in palestra! Grazie alla sua speciale struttura a rete è l’ideale per rigenerare il corpo dopo l’attività fisica. Scopri la spugna Active Vitality qui!