To face the day with vigor or dissolve the daily tensions, quickly or in complete tranquility, the COTONEVE BODY BEAUTY RITUALS range offers 3 specific lines to transform the moment of the bath or shower into a tailor-made treatment with exclusive connotations: the soft RELAX line (Soft Relax, Caresse Relax), the invigorating VITALITY line (Natural Vitality, Soft Vitality, Active Vitality) and the vigorous GOMMAGE line (Natural Gommage, Soft Gommage).

Moments of well-being in everyday gestures


Our tests for your safety

Wellness moments in total safety with Cotoneve, whose products are tested and certified to guarantee your safety.

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  • Dermatologically tested
  • Microbiologically controlled
  • Tested for nickel, chlorine, cobalt
  • REACH compliant