Double Tip Perfectioning Applicator

Perfect make-up and manicure thanks to the Cotoneve Double Perfectioning cosmetic applicators with pointed heads! Excellent to correct eye-liner, lipstick and manicure thanks to precision tips in pure cotton.

100% pure cotton


  • 100% high quality cotton
  • They do not leave lint
  • Compact tips
  • Microbiologically controlled
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tested for nickel, chloride, cobalto
  • Tested for contact security on eyes and oral mucosa safety 
  • Cotton bleached with oxygen in respect of health and the environment

Our cotton

Cotoneve selects and exclusively uses top quality absorbent cotton treated with hydrogen peroxide, in full respect of the environment and consumer health. All cotton products are processed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. Our Quality Department performs strict laboratory controls to guarantee full conformity of the raw materials and of the finished product. Click here to learn more about our cotton.

Tip from Cotoneve

The pointed heads of the Cotoneve cosmetic applicators are ideal for applying, defining and correcting eye-liner, lipstick and nail polish.

The soft tip and the tests carried out make them suitable for use on sensitive areas of the face.

- Grazie alla punta morbida a cono degli applicatori cosmetici Cotoneve, riesco ad arrivare perfettamente sulla sbavatura del mascara senza rovinare il make-up. Un vero must have!
- langolodivale