Protector Cotton Buds

Protector cotton buds are suitable for the daily hygiene of children as well as the whole family. Completely safe, thanks to the special shape, softer and gentler, protecting the ear against sudden movements.

100% pure cotton


  • 100% high quality cotton
  • Do not leave lint
  • Compact tips
  • Microbiologically controlled
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cotton bleached with oxygen in respect of health and the environment

Our cotton

Made with three times more cotton than traditional cotton buds, Cotoneve Protector cotton buds guarantee maximum protection thanks to their shaped tips.

All Cotoneve cotton products have been subjected to BIODEGRADABILITY and COMPOSTABILITY tests in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 13432 standard. Tests have shown that all Cotoneve cotton products are biodegradable and also compostable, a condition which attests that the product, if dispersed in nature, is not a threat to the environment.