So many properties in just one grain. Rice is good not only for a healthy diet, but also for hair and skin. From ancient oriental traditions, there are some simple tricks to get healthy, bright hair and skin thanks to rice water.

Rice water contains many nutrients that applied on hair, strengthen the structure, improving its elasticity.

How to obtain rice water

Depending on the desired starch concentration, you have three different ways:

– light: perfect for rinsing hair. Put the rice in a container with cold water and let it rest for 15 minutes.

– medium: filtered rice water, the most easy to obtain. You can easily dilute and store it in the fridge for a few days.

– high: the original oriental recipe. Take the light preparation water above described. Keep this water for 1-2 days in a bowl and then boil it. Ideal for nutrition masks for hair and skin.

For your hair

Rice water is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and nutrients, including inositol, considered very useful for the elasticity and repair of damaged hair.

If you want to make a true nutmeg for your hair, after the shampoo distribute rice water while gently massaging the scalp and lengths. Wrap your hair in the microfiber Cotoneve Turban and leave it in for 10 ‘. Then rinse with plenty of water.

Another option would be diluting the compound in order to make a final nourishing rinse after shampooing. If done regularly, will extremely benefit your hair.

For your skin

The benefits of rice water can also be exploited for your skin. Also particularly suitable as a tonic, is indicated to narrow the expanded pores. You can apply it before the face cream using a Cotoneve maxi cotton pads.

For a nourishing bath, add some rice water to your bath and enjoy some moments of relaxation.