Do the 10 steps of Korean beauty routine scare you? Do you dream of a fast but effective beauty routine? No problem, Cotoneve offers a lot of friendly laziness solutions for all your needs!

Here are the 7 must have Cotoneve products for a simple and effective beauty routine.

  1. Maxi cotton pads

A single Cotoneve maxi pad is enough to completely remove the make-up from face, neck and décolleté. Very useful to also remove beauty masks and to make do-it-yourself sheet masks, which, now that the cold is at the door, will be a real treat for your skin.

Nutritious do-it-yourself sheet mask recipe: Create an emulsion with chamomile tea, honey and coconut oil and dip the maxi cotton pads until they are well soaked. Apply the cotton pads on your face and leave them on for 10-15 minutes. Remove and allow the emulsion to be absorbed by the skin.

  1. Caresse Visage Body Sponge

The extra soft face sponge removes make-up and clay masks in a single gesture. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin, the Cotoneve face sponge Caresse Visage is versatile and hygienic.

Cotoneve Beauty Tip for stubborn makeup with Cooneve Caresse Visage: Use the sponge well moistened. For eye makeup, apply the oil makeup remover on the area massaging gently, then remove it with the Caresse sponge, or, apply the cleanser directly on the sponge and pass it with light movements over the entire face.

  1. Active Visage Exfoliating Pad

It removes dirt in depth by exerting a light exfoliating massage that can be performed every evening. Maximum yield, minimum effort!

  1. Pure cotton Make-up cosmetic applicators

Tested for eye and lips contact, the Cotoneve cosmetic applicators are your salvation to correct the usual eye-liner and lipstick smudges, saving you to remove everything and then reapply it, in an endless frustrating and annoying loop.

  1. Active Dry microfiber turban

It’s good for your hair and it dries it out quickly, while also leave you free to move! The Cotoneve Active Dry turban is ideal for holding hair masks and just a lap of a washing machine will make it look like new!

  1. Active Vitality Cotoneve pouf sponge

This sponge is perfect for active people since it’s so easy to dry it. Just shake it a couple of times in the air and it’s ready to put in the bag.

  1. Natural Gommage exfoliant body glove

With the Natural Gommage exfoliating glove you can scrub in 5 minutes directly under the shower. Here you find how to make a scrub to perfection.


Find out how to make the most of your favorite Cotoneve products by following our Cotoneve Beauty tip!