Protecting the skin from atmospheric changes becomes even more essential during the winter. In fact, cold and wind can damage the outermost layer of the skin making it appear duller and more tired.

Here are the 5 basic skincare steps to protect (or at least repair) your skin from the damages caused by typical winter weather.

  1. Avoid too hot showers or baths

A hot bath or a hot shower certainly gives a feeling of relaxation and relief after a day spent outside the home, but it is not the best for skin. A too hot shower removes its natural oils, leaving it dry and dehydrated.

  1. Hydrate immediately and constantly

Moisturizing becomes even more indispensable in the cold months. Nourish your skin constantly, feed it especially as soon as you leave the shower to keep it supple and healthy.

  1. Deeply hydrated

Applying an intensive treatment once a week helps to prevent dryness and irritation. You can prepare a super nourishing and moisturizing DIY face mask using the squares or maxi cotton pads Cotoneve by soaking them with emollient oils and serums.

Coconut, olive, almond or jojoba oil are good for the purpose. Add some honey and a bit of chamomile tea and mix it all up. Dip the disks in the mixture and apply them on clean face, leaving for about ten minutes.

You will immediately notice the difference: more elastic and luminous skin.

  1. Attention to sensitive areas

Particular attention should be paid to sensitive areas of the face. Care for the lips with a light scrub with coconut oil, honey and sugar. Exfoliation and nourishment in a single gesture.

  1. About that scrubs..

Even in winter, skin needs stimulation to cell renewal and deep cleansing. You can make a lighter scrub by replacing the coffee or sugar with the Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating pad. The flexible silicone bristles stimulate the epidermis gently without attacking it.

Adapting your skincare to the seasons and your skin type is essential. Follow the Beauty Tips by Cotoneve and discover all the secrets to enhance your natural beauty.