Every moment that we devote to the care of our well-being is quality time. To get the most from every gesture of beauty, make sure you do not make these 11 mistakes.

  1. Using hot water for your bath or shower

Too hot water dries up the skin, it stresses it and removes all those oils necessary to keep it moisturized. It also damages the hair, as it opens the scales leaving them dry and dehydrated.

  1. Using a towel to dry your hair

By also rubbing it energetically, witch is a harmful practice for both the skin and your hair. Replace the normal cotton towel with the Cotoneve turban microfiber: dries faster, and leaves the hair silky and shiny.

  1. Applying oils on dry skin

The correct application of oil on the skin (but also on the hair) requires the presence of some water. It helps to absorb better, avoiding the “sticky” feeling on the skin. Spread while in shower or just right after it with the Sisal Cotoneve body glove for a double action: nourishment and exfoliation in a single gesture.

  1. Scrubbing on dry skin

If you want to attack your skin, scrub it while it is dry. If you love it, the above applies.

  1. Leaving your body sponge in the shower cubicle

A warm and humid environment is ideal for the development of bacteria. Keep your Cotoneve sponge and body gloves in a dry environment to keep them safe.

  1. Scrubbing before applying make-up

The scrub is that gesture of love towards one’s skin that must not be missing in your beauty routine. It is not worth, however, if it is done when we have a whole day to face in the smog, in which we sweat or wear make up.

The scrub should be done in the evening, when the cellular activity is at its maximum. Afterwards, apply a good tonic and a super beauty mask. There is a right time for everything, if you want to learn more click here.

If you want a smooth skin before applying makeup, you can clean it with the Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating pad. Thanks to the delicacy of the silicone bristles it is ideal to use every day to cleanse the skin deeply before applying make-up and after its removal.

  1. Going to bed while still wearing your make-up

Make-up removal and deep cleansing the skin in the evening helps to remove all the residues that are deposited during the day among dust, smog and sweat. It’s a must have step for better beauty and skin health.

  1. Rubbing the cotton pad or wet wipes over the eyes to remove the mascara

Any rubbing action is like a small aggression on the skin, which does not bring any benefit. Persistent mascara should be removed with pateince, not with energy. Hold the soaked cotton pads a few seconds on the eyelid, then make a slight downward movement.

You can also apply a natural and nutritious oil directly on closed eyes with your fingers. Then moove the 100% pure cotton pad with gentle movements to remove the residue.

  1. Rubbing the cotton pad on the nail to remove nail polish

More patience, less energy. Hold the cotton pad on the nail for a few second, then gently remove neail polish.

  1. Rubbin the cotton pad on the face when applying the toner lotion

It doesen’t matter how much the cotton pad may be delicate and gentle, the right gesture when applying face toner is the patter.

  1. Cleansing your face only by night

As specified, cellular activity is at its peak during the night. In the morning it is necessary to remove dead cells and residues of night cream to ensure that the skin has its fresh awakening.

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