men skincare everyday

Guys and girls, we all have skin, and curing it isn’t necessarily a matter of vanity, but it’s above all an opportunity for relaxation and for taking care of ourselves with a daily cuddle.

Let’s have a look on some wellness and beauty routines for men, and go get that healthy appearance and priceless feeling of relaxation you deserve!


If so far your morning beauty routine involves a quick rinsing of your face, it may be enough, but only if you have cleansed your skin well in the evening and if the jet of water is cool.

Cool water closes the pores, brightnening the face.

If you want to do it all, you can wash your face with a specific cleanser and apply a sunscreen day cream.

Why sunscreen?

Sunscreen protects from UV and UVB rays, which in recent times are raising particular concerns among skin care experts. The sun speeds up cellular aging, damaging the skin prematurely. Therefore, a sunscreen should be worn throughout the year, not just when sunbathing.

So, when choosing day cream pay attention to the sun protection factor, indicated with SPF, which must be at least higher than 15.

Swollen eyes? The best remedy is a fast decongestant treatment with Cotoneve cotton pads. Dip the cotton pads in the water and place them in the freezer for 5 minutes. Once cooled down, place them on the eyes for another 5 minutes for a fresh and bright look.


The golden rule for healthy skin is evening cleansing and continuous hydration. These two actions cover 80% of your skincare duties. Here’s the evening cleansing routine to never skip.

When choosing the clenaser pay attention on your skin type. Usually, for oily skin, gel cleaners are indicated, while for dry and sensitive skin creamy ones are better.

Why cleanse you face?
During the day, sweat, smog, dust and pollution are deposited on the skin. These elements end up occluding the pores, preventing the cellular renewal, thus giving a tired and stressed appearance to the skin.

Is a normal soap ok?

Soaps can be too aggressive for the face sensitive skin. This applies to the body wash and the like.

How to properly cleanse the face

Rinse with lukewarm water, to soften the residues, distribute the product over the entire face with circular movements, rinse thoroughly with cool water to close the pores.
Perform a light scrub every night to enhance the purification effect.

Why exfoliate?

The scrub is a mechanical action that promotes cell renewal, helping in smoothing the skin. In other words, it removes all dead cells letting it breathe.

With Cotoneve Active Visage exfoliating disk you can perform a light but effective exfoliation every night, to obtain a soft and smooth skin, purified in depth, ready to welcome subsequent treatments like a face mask and night cream.

Why use a night cream?

During the night we rest, but our skin has its maximum cellular replacement activity. It is important to provide those nutrients needed to nourish and protect it.

Why a face mask?

Every type of skin has its own specific needs, and a face mask with targeted action can do wonders. You can choose from a lot of different types types: astringent, nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-age..

You can also diy them with the ingredients you have at home! When in doubt, tap into the Beauty Tip Cotoneve here: http://www.cotoneve.it/en/category/cotoneve-beauty-tips-eng/

Finally, remember that before shaving it is recommended a deep face cleansing.


Noyhing can be more invigorating than a shower to start or finish our day. But what are the rules for an efficient shower?

  1. Use lukewarm water

Hot water can cause skin dryness, since it removes its natural oils necessary for self-moisturization.

  1. Ideal duration: between 5 and 10 minutes

A long shower contribute to dehydrate the skin, with the risk of drying it and irritating it. Furthermore, it is always advisable to avoid wasting water, so precious for our planet.

  1. A cold jet to invigorate

It strengthens the immune system, speeds up the metabolism, improves circulation regenerating the body. The jet of cold water at the end of the shower is a gesture of good health. Hair will also benefit from cold water, becoming more shiny, thanks to the closure of the cuticles.

  1. Use specific body sponges and gloves

In the great variety of sponges and gloves, there is definitely the right one for you! Natural or synthetic, delicate or exfoliating, choosing the right sponge can help you get the most out of the shower.

Are you a sports guy? The Active Vitality sponge is perfect for you: it dries quickly, ready to be carried around with you. If you like to “scratch” your skin for a deep clean feeling, Soft Gommage is the sponge for you.

  1. Do not rub when drying, dab gently

Rubbing vigorously is harmful to both skin and hair. Dab your skin gently without removing all the moisture and wrap your hair in the Cotoneve Microfiber turban, you will dry them faster.

  1. Hydrate within 3 minutes after the end of the shower

In order to not lose the moisture of the skin after the shower it is ideal to apply a moisturizing cream on the face and a nourishing oil on the body in order to trap the hydration and get more benefits.

Many simple rules, but also many great benefits! Did you take note? Good skincare to everyone!