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No make-up holds

Always remove your make-up

Let’s face it, after an endless day at work or after a night out, who hasn’t come home and crawled under the covers still dressed and wearing make-up? I bet you have too, and I assure you that there is nothing more wrong!
The beauty of your skin starts with proper cleansing.
Make-up and pollution, which are left on your face during the day, can block the skin’s regeneration process, making it less radiant, drier and less toned, and encouraging the appearance of pimples, enlarged pores and unsightly impurities.
Removing make-up before going to bed is a way of life, a ritual you cannot give up if you want healthy, beautiful skin.

Here are our tips for customising your skincare routine and turning it into a moment of pleasure.

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Step 1 – Remove make-up

We all know this step and it is vital to remember the importance of properly cleansed skin, free from make-up, smog and other unpleasant particles that not only clog the skin but also prevent subsequent treatments from penetrating deeply.

The correct gesture

Always remember not to scrub vigorously to remove make-up. No need to. Place the chosen carrier on the skin, leave the product to work for a few seconds, then remove gently.


We recommend:

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Step 2 – Cleanse

At the end of the demaquillage, the face should be rinsed with water and a facial cleanser.
Effective and thorough cleansing does not only depend on the product chosen but is also a question of time: no less than one minute of rinsing for complete cleansing, two minutes would be perfect!

The correct gesture

Follow the orientation of the follicles for proper cleansing, so rinse from the bottom upwards and outwards.


We recommend:

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Step 3 – Moisturise

Let’s end on a high note with the application of cream.
Before going to bed, it is best to choose a rich and nourishing cream, because it is precisely during the night that the skin intensifies its cell turnover process, increasing its absorption capacity.

The correct gesture

Apply the night face cream until it is completely absorbed, making movements from the bottom upwards. In this way, you will stimulate the microcirculation of the face, favouring the formation of elastin and collagen that make your skin more toned.


We recommend:


Your skincare routine should vary not only by skin type, but also by season and age. While beauty gestures can remain constant over time, the products to be used should vary according to specific needs.

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