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Bellezza solare

Solar Beauty

At every change of season, the skin needs a perfect skincare routine, especially after the beach or skiing holidays.
You may have noticed it yourself, when the skin gets tanned it becomes less elastic, rougher, in some cases you feel it stretching. This is due to the thickening of the skin layer, a natural defence of the skin against UV radiation.

Here are the beauty gestures to restore softness and elasticity.

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Choose your facial care accessories carefully

Use cotton pads with a smooth texture and no stitching, high and soft, but also compact and resistant, in 100% pure cotton.


We recommend:

As make-up remover bases, we recommend sensitive, nourishing and light formulas, such as micellar water or a biphasic. Or you can opt for wipes with a gentle formula and functional ingredients.

We suggest:

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Exfoliation. Delicacy and effectiveness, an impossible combination?

We often think that scrubbing removes the tan. False! Exfoliation promotes cell turnover and removes the top layer of skin, which, being duller, also creates an unpleasant unevenness.

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We recommend:

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Face masks: hydration booster

The purpose of the face mask is to soothe, nourish and treat the skin in depth. In order for the functional ingredients to penetrate deeply, it is necessary to rid the skin of any layers of make-up, impurities and dead cells. 

The best time to make a nourishing mask is definitely in the evening, before going to bed. 

In fact, the moment of greatest cell turnover and regeneration activity in our body is precisely at night, while we sleep! In the time between 11pm and 4am, the skin is at its best, which is why it’s a good idea to concentrate all your beauty rituals before going to bed.


We suggest:

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